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Park Falls Mayor and Union Worker Will Focus on Creating Employment, Infrastructure and Conservation Opportunities for the Northwoods

Park Falls…Park Falls Mayor and union millworker Tom Ratzlaff announced his candidacy for the 25th State Senate District today.  Ratzlaff, who has been married to his wife Shirley for 31 years, father of Jaccqlyn and Mary, said he will be a fighter for job creation, infrastructure and economic development and continue to be and advocate for sportsmen/women of the Northwoods.

I am running for Senate because I want to move Northern Wisconsin forward giving our area greater ability to become more economically competitive with other regions of the state.”  Ratzlaff stated.  ”We need a champion in Madison that is willing to fight for more jobs, infrastructure improvements, economic development, and more opportunities for sportsmen/women.”

As the Mayor of Park Falls, Ratzlaff has seen what happens when good, family supporting industrial jobs leave the area along with the affects those job losses have on local governments.  As a union employee of a paper mill that was closed due to bankruptcy, Ratzlaff has experienced first-hand how families and communities alike can suffer facing the tremendous hardships placed at both the personal doorstep and that of the local government when those good, family supporting jobs are no longer available.

“I’m no stranger to layoffs and plant closings myself.” Ratzlaff stated. “Like may of my friends and neighbors, I know what it’s like to not be able to pay the bills because of a job loss. As Mayor of Park Falls, i worked together with local economic development organizations, state and national officials along with the private sector to successfully reopen the mill, putting 325 people back to work, myself and wife included, keeping our local economy alive.”

Ratzlaff has also assisted in expanding economic development opportunities through his leadership positions on the Price County Economic Development Committee and the League of Municipalities.  The Park Falls Mayor said that those economic development experiences gave him an even greater appreciation for the necessary attraction for more private and public investment in the Northwoods.  According to Ratzlaff our beautiful region will continue to see declines in employment and experience even higher unemployment rates without the much needed investments.

“I pledge to the people of the 25th Senate district that my NUMBER ONE focus upon election will be JOBS, JOBS, JOB,” promised Ratzlaff. “I also pledge to expand and improve our Northwoods; investment in our roads, schools, airports and broadband allowing telecommunications to open job opportunities for our children and grandchildren so they can stay, work, and raise their families in the Northwoods.”

Ratzlaff believes that through investment and expansion of our infrastructure now, we will improve our region’s ability to attract new companies and technologies will increase substantially. With our solid reputation for hard work, beautiful natural resources, and strong quality of life in the Northwoods, Ratzlaff sees no reason that the Northwoods can’t successfully compete for these opportunities. The candidate is committed to working for further expansion and upgrading of the infrastructure system throughout the 25th Senate District. We want our children to graduate and remain in the area.

Ratzlaff pointed to his deep roots in the 25th Senate District and that he will fight to make sure the Northwoods is not forgotten. “I live here, have raised a family here and absolutely love this area,” said Ratzlaff. “Too often the needs of the Northwoods are pushed aside in favor of population centers like Madison and Milwaukee. If elected, I will fight every day for good, family supporting jobs for our area, improvement of our schools and roads, and will make sure we receive our fair share of economic development opportunities.”

Ratzlaff also expressed his strong support to maintaining and expanding opportunities for sportsmen/women throughout the Northwoods. “I will be a tireless advocate for sportsmen and sportswomen if elected,” Ratzlaff said. “I respect and hold dear our sporting traditions and hunting heritage and will work hard to create even more opportunities for this key part of our economy and way of life.”

Ratzlaff added that the lands and waters conservationists and sporting enthusiasts are some of our most precious resources. He believes that we need to make sure that our environmental heritage is protected and state environmental decisions are based on science, not politics. He knows it is important that state and federal experts at the DNR and EPA are heard and respected regarding our air, land and water resources.

Ratzlaff said he looks forward to a spirited campaign, listening to the ideas and concerns of the residents throughout the 25th Senate District.

Authorized and paid for by Friends of Thomas Ratzlaff, Amy Singer, Treasurer.